Parabola Magazine Articles

We are especially honored to have three articles published in the well-respected opens in a new windowParabola opens in a new window magazine, established in 1976.

-“The Deepest Silence” in opens in a new windowVolume 33, No. 1.
“To embrace silence means splicing off a certain arena of the familiar and venturing into heretofore uncharted territories.”

-“Inner Justice” in opens in a new windowVolume 33, No. 4.
“Our duty, therefore, is to attain a state of inner equanimity that is immune to inner and outer change. In such a state the sense of having achieved balance—and justice—is already attained; the gestalt is always complete.”

-“Inner and Outer Transformation” in opens in a new windowVolume 48, No. 1.
“Peel back the final sheath of the invisible coating that separates us from the ultimate reality. Down the Rabbit Hole we plunge, and there is no turning back.”

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