Two Facets of a Religion

As we are fully involved with our imminent reissue of author-philosopher-historian Gerald Heard’s magnum opus, The Five Ages of Humanity (formerly titled The Five Ages of Man), I thought I’d dip into my spiritual-writing archives and, inspired by Heard, post a brief excerpt from an essay I originally delivered at the inaugural meeting of an informal study group on comparative religion that I moderated in Northern California in the 1980s. THIS POST HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN, AS PORTIONS OF IT APPEAR IN JOHN ROGER BARRIE’S APRIL 2024 BOOK, “THE DEEPEST SILENCE AND OTHER ESSAYS ON CONTEMPORARY SPIRITUALITY.”

4 thoughts on “Two Facets of a Religion”

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. How true! Such balance can indeed be elusive, but with continued aspiration, as many saints demonstrate, it can often seamlessly, almost imperceptibly, integrate into our lives.
      John Roger Barrie


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