The Ultimate Healing

The ancient maxim proclaims, “As above, so below.” Jesus also said, in reverse order, “On earth as it is in heaven.” So, why is this principle relevant? Because it posits a nonphysical source to material things. Life for a materialist consists of what is perceived by the senses. Life for the spiritual aspirant consists of the mystical inner world, which may be far more real than anything perceived externally.

And so, any physical manifestation has its spiritual counterpart. This applies in all areas of life. In terms of illness and physical ailments, though very real and often very painful, these states of ill health also have a corresponding nonphysical aspect and sometimes also a psychosomatic component. We sometimes see how stress can cause ulcers, or prolonged distress can trigger weight loss. This is not always the case, but in these instances the physical body and the nonphysical mind interact with each other and produce tangible results on the physical plane.

If a river is dammed, it can create a stagnant pond. When the dam is removed, free flowing water clears out the stagnancy. Similarly, if there is congestion in the body, blockages are created and energy flow is stifled. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”), this is a recipe for illness.  TCM and other healing modalities attempt to identify, then free these blockages so the chi or energy force can flow freely without obstruction. This in turns creates an optimal environment for physical health.

On a spiritual level, there are many blockages that constrict one’s perception of their soul. In Hinduism, these are called “granthis” or knots. These knots must be untangled, or more accurately, pierced before one can gaze upon one’s soul without impediment. This process can be emotionally painful, as many memories and hidden behavioral patterns are stirred up when thus dislodged. However, this purgation is necessary so the soul can be experienced in all its splendor once these entanglements are removed.

True healing originates from the soul and funnels down through the physical body. The ultimate cure for the dilemma of life is to release the soul from its bondage. This is also the ultimate healing.

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