To Our Children’s Children’s Children

No, this is not an homage to the Moody Blues’ classic 1969 album. But now that the date envisioned by the album’s title has been realized, this seems an appropriate time to project into the future when the grandchildren of our present children are growing up, some two generations hence. But while we’re on the topic of the Moody Blues, we will first note, sadly, the passing of Moodies’ founding member Graham Edge last month, who joins another founding member Ray Thomas (d. 2018) in the spiritual realm of which the Moodies so eloquently sang. No musical group in the modern rock era so overtly canvassed the spiritual landscape as the Moody Blues. In albums spanning in particular from In Search of the Lost Chord through Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, the Moodies’ lyrical explorations and ethereal soundscapes provided solace and hope for many a listener who were yearning for more than the superficial. Thank you Graham and Ray for your lasting contributions.

To the children of 2071:

The three major biological issues of our present time are still global warming, environmental destruction, and overpopulation. We will continue to hope that global warming can be addressed before it’s too late. We also hope that we will have preserved more of the environment for you instead of allowing the wholesale destruction of forests, harm to the oceans, and the disappearance of an alarming number of species, when we clearly could have chosen another course. We equally hope that we were able to control the rampant population growth of human beings. The earth can only handle so much, and widespread overcrowding and pollution are a result of exceeding these limits. It was largely a combination of runaway commercialism and shortsighted governmental policies, as political powers were corrupted to benefit the forces of commerce, plus apathy on the part of the public, which contributed to these harmful occurrences.

As long as our nations place the interests of commerce above those of humanity, we will continue spiraling down this slippery slope. And so we pray during this extended holiday season (Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa) that the dark forces of self-interest be displaced and supplanted by enlightened leaders, working in cooperation, with humanity’s best interests in mind.

We hope these conditions are not irreversible, as they often appear to be in 2021.

Aside from these major secular global issues, on a positive note, we hope that you are using whatever means are at your disposal to diligently pursue the spiritual path. You have the ability to transform yourselves, and it is only through a complete transformation of your inner being that you can realize your full spiritual potential. Your true nature is unalloyed peace and bliss; the essence of your heart is pure, limitless love. We pray you don’t become ensnared by the world’s superficial allurements. Try to see through this façade and seek to unfold your true spiritual nature. It is never too late for this.

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