The Perils of Teaching Spirituality

One of the topmost potential perils when walking the spiritual path is when one feels called to teach spirituality to others. … THIS POST HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN, AS PORTIONS OF IT APPEAR IN JOHN ROGER BARRIE’S APRIL 2024 BOOK, “THE DEEPEST SILENCE AND OTHER ESSAYS ON CONTEMPORARY SPIRITUALITY.”

3 thoughts on “The Perils of Teaching Spirituality”

  1. This post resonates on so many levels, John! Jesus in the Gospels reminds us to call no one Father but God, to trust no earthly leaders but the Spirit. And the Desert Dwellers were often so reluctant to take on disciples that if their little piece of desert got crowded they would simply move to a more remote location. The point, of course, is that practice is everything, and sharing the fruit of one’s practice is a by-product. May your humble efforts at sharing the news of your new book be seen as breadcrumbs along the path of awakening, rather than any form of ‘social media’ self-promotion!

    • Dear Elizabeth, your astute comments perfectly complement my musings – thank you. I wholly agree, “practice is everything, and sharing the fruit of one’s practice is a by-product.” I’ve occasionally moderated trainings or non-academic groups during my career. But when sharing spiritual matters especially, nothing is more odious than when we see any kind of “holier than thou” posturing. It’s also helpful to add a dash of playfulness when discussing the topic, as Lao Tzu might have done. All in all, to cite a line from my book, “We learn most when we are teaching.” – John Roger Barrie


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