The Deepest Silence and Other Essays on Contemporary Spirituality

During the past week, I’m pleased to report that my new book The Deepest Silence and Other Essays on Contemporary Spirituality has been published on Amazon in both opens in a new windowpaperback and opens in a new windowKindle editions. It is now just materializing on opens in a new windowBarnes & Noble, and will shortly be available at all online book retailers.

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Paperback Edition on Amazon

I was honored to see the Kindle edition ranked #1 on Amazon’s “Religious Studies – Comparative Religion” category on April 21:

For this post, we’ll answer some basic questions about The Deepest Silence.

Q – To begin, what’s the book all about?
-In this collection of writings, I have assembled four previously published articles; three previously unpublished essays; one unpublished parable; and 36 posts I had formerly published on my website, Explorations in Contemporary Spirituality, from October 2021 through February 2024. In addition, I’ve included excerpts from another 13 past website postings and five previously unpublished writings and lectures.

Q – If so many of these essays were published on your website for free, why should I buy your book?
-I’ve expanded the contents of many of these writings. I have also made revisions throughout the book and minor corrections as warranted. Plus, these former blogposts have been taken down and they are now only exclusively available in The Deepest Silence.

Q – What are the previously published articles and unpublished essays?
-Titles include: The Deepest Silence (from Parabola magazine, 2008), The Future Is an Illusion (unpublished, 2009), Inner Justice (from Parabola magazine, 2008), The Ultimate Path (unpublished, 2009), The Unquenchable Fire Within (unpublished, 2021), Inner and Outer Transformation (from Parabola magazine, 2023), and Emotional Stability and the Spiritual Life (from Vedanta for East and West, 1981).

Q – How long is the book?
-Excluding the front and back matter, the word count is just over 44,000 words. Altogether, there are a generous 62 writings in this compilation, with an average of 710 words per writing. Thus, each writing is generally short, on-topic, and to the point. The reader can leisurely peruse any of the wide-ranging topics that are of interest.

Q – Okay, there are an estimated 11,000 books published each day. Why should I shell out my hard-earned money to purchase The Deepest Silence and Other Essays on Contemporary Spirituality?
-Well, the biggest reason I can give is because of its authenticity. I’ve intentionally followed the spiritual path since 1974, when I was graced with a profound Christ-centered spiritual experience that forever changed my life. This experience is recounted in great detail in my spiritual novel, opens in a new windowDialogues With the Lord of Time.

I am also a longstanding authorized lay instructor in the respected, interfaith-oriented Ramakrishna-Vedanta tradition. I have attended courses, classes, workshops, retreats, lectures, trainings, and seminars about different religious traditions over the decades – many hands-on. I’ve met and studied with and have received blessings from numerous spiritual teachers. I’ve practiced – yes, actually practiced – a variety of different spiritual disciplines from the mainstream of authentic spiritual-religious-mystical traditions over the years. I continue my spiritual practices, as I try to practice what I preach. So, and to summarize, The Deepest Silence is written from an entirely different perspective and has an entirely different focus than many current “spiritual” books.

Q – But your book is filled with essays. Aren’t essays boring?
-Ha ha, sometimes! My writing style is lively and I hope each essay is an enjoyable read. Some topics are heavier than others. But there are lighter subjects as well – animals, Pinocchio, 1960s music. There are even occasional smatterings of humor. My sporadic unvarnished opinions appear as well. But interweaving all these writings are the overriding themes of love, peace, spiritual enlightenment, and an emphasis on experiential realization. These themes are timeless and should never be dull.

Major topics near and dear to me are found throughout the pages of The Deepest Silence: Prioritize spiritual values and goals above all else. Experiential knowledge of spirituality gained through personal practice is of far greater value than book learning. Be wary of and avoid fraudulent, so-called spiritual teachers.

I hope you’ll check out my new book The Deepest Silence and Other Essays on Contemporary Spirituality.

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