Nothingness (four short posts)

Nothingness, Pt. 1
There are two ways to transcend the ego. First, expand it to infinity, whereby it will stretch beyond its limits and burst. Second, reduce it to nothingness, whereby it will shrink infinitesimally and disappear. – Mar. 20, 2024

Nothingness, Pt. 2
“Everything depends upon this: a fathomless sinking into your own fathomless nothingness.” – Dominican priest Johannes Tauler (1300-1361) – Mar. 27, 2024

Nothingness, Pt. 3
“The great Jewish mystics refer to God as ayin: ‘nothingness.’ By becoming nothing, you will merge with the great Nothingness that is God. And yet in that nothingness is everything.” – from my spiritual novel, Dialogues With the Lord of Time. – Apr. 4, 2024

Nothingness, Pt. 4
The way that can be described is not the infinite Way.
The name that can be named is not the infinite Name.
Nothingness is the source of heaven and earth.
Somethingness is the mother of all things. -Tao Te Ching – Apr. 11, 2024

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