While reading through the approx. 135,000-word book The Five Ages of Humanity (formerly titled The Five Ages of Man), I acquired a cursory knowledge of Greek mystical thought; specifically the Neoplatonism of Plotinus (d. A.D. 270), which is quite profound. … THIS POST HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN, AS PORTIONS OF IT APPEAR IN JOHN ROGER BARRIE’S APRIL 2024 BOOK, “THE DEEPEST SILENCE AND OTHER ESSAYS ON CONTEMPORARY SPIRITUALITY.”

2 thoughts on “Henosis”

  1. A lovely essay. Thank you. The “hen-“ of henosis goes back to the Greek work for “one.” And your use of Henosis put me in mind of a fascinating talk I heard many years ago by a nun who had taught in India, and she called Hinduism, “Henolatry,” the worship of the One, reflecting the many deities of India are facets of the One. Henolatry is different from Monotheism,

  2. Thank you, Philip, for your kind words and insights. “Henolatry,” as you describe, perfectly hits the nail on the head: only Oneness exists.
    John Roger Barrie


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