Dialogues With the Lord of Time, Pt. I

We are honored to celebrate the release of my spiritual novel, Dialogues With the Lord of Time, which is being published this week. During the month of February, I’ll be posting various aspects about and featuring various excerpts from Dialogues. My novel will be published in all popular formats, and it will be available wherever books can be ordered. Please check our Home page for updates. Initially, the paperback edition is now available for sale on Amazon. For this post, we’ll answer some basic questions about Dialogues.

To begin, what’s it all about?
   In the spiritual novel, Dialogues With the Lord of Time, a wise teacher brings authentic spirituality and inspired teachings into many seekers’ lives.

Who are the main characters?
   The main character is Father Christopher, a retired Catholic priest and university professor, who lives in Northern California’s remote coastal region. A group of seekers gathers at his cabin in the early 1990s to converse with him on spiritual topics. These characters include Heather, Ginny and Tom, Stuart and Liz, Brandon, Erin and Marta, Bill, Jason and Stacy, Todd, Corey, Laurie and Kurt, Gail, and Nick and Carla. And also the author, who undergoes an inner metamorphosis during the course of several visits to see Father Christopher.

What takes place in Dialogues?
   The book primarily consists of talks given Father Christopher, who spoke eloquently on the spiritual life. His broadminded and eclectic approach incorporates teachings from the world’s great religions and mystical traditions. The novel is arranged as a running narrative consisting of transcripts of nine lively dialogues with Father Christopher, with plenty of question and answer segments, which I captured during six visits I made to see him between 1990 and 1992, interspersed with personal recollections and musings from events in my life.

Why was Dialogues written as a novel?
   Dialogues is inspired by my own real-life experiences, but I have fictionalized many accounts and have written it as a work of fiction in its entirety. All characters, including Father Christopher, are fictional or have been fictionalized. However, Nick J. Weber is a real person who appears at a pivotal moment during the author’s Spiritual Memoir.

What is so compelling about Dialogues With the Lord of Time?
   The following glowing pre-publication endorsements given by several prominent religious scholars explain what they found of value in Dialogues:

“AN ENGAGING AND ILLUMINATING TREK into the multiple religious understandings that foreshadow a new universalism.” —Philip Novak, PhD, best-selling author of The World’s Wisdom

“BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN … A thoughtful, engaging fruit of the spiritual imagination … bears within it many simple, powerful truths.” —Francis X. Clooney, SJ, PhD, Harvard Divinity School

“INCORPORATES A MYSTICAL PERSPECTIVE into situations of everyday life … a very good example of interfaith dialogue.” —June McDaniel, PhD, Professor Emerita, author of Lost Ecstasy

“TOLD WITH HUMOR AND GENTLE WISDOM … A timeless parable of seeking, finding, and then integrating spiritual wisdom into human life.”  —Elizabeth M. G. Krajewski, PhD, Colby-Sawyer College

“REQUIRED READING for any modern-day spiritual seeker.” —William H. Forthman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, co-author of the textbook Religions of the World

We will continue in subsequent posts with more on Dialogues with the Lord of Time!

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