Jesus of Nazareth: Love’s Pure Light

Today, Christmas Day, “a Savior has been born.” The Babe in the manger would affect humanity like no other. Jesus was in essence pure, radiant love. He lived this love; he taught this love. There are no limits to this love; there are no conditions where this love cannot be applied. In our hearts we seek to realize this same Read More »

To Our Children’s Children’s Children

No, this is not an homage to the Moody Blues’ classic 1969 album. But now that the date envisioned by the album’s title has been realized, this seems an appropriate time to project into the future when the grandchildren of our present children are growing up, some two generations hence. But while we’re on the topic of the Moody Blues, Read More »

Madness…or Gratitude

In a classic cartoon short from around 1970, Earth is shown as voicing the collective demands of humanity by shouting, via speech bubbles, “more” … then “More” … then even “MORE.” Finally, at the end of this temper tirade, the hand of God destroys the earth in a split second. God then gets the final word: “No more!” This prophetic Read More »

Diwali – Festival of Lights

Today marks a major religious festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains around the world. Diwali is also known as Deepavali, which means “row of lamps.” In Hindu mythology, it marks the return of the avatar Rama to his kingdom following a 14-year exile. His elated subjects lined the streets with oil lamps to welcome back their ruler. Sikhs and Read More »

Is There Really a Devil, or is it just God in Disguise?

The short answer is both yes and no.  When calamity strikes, oftentimes we can quickly pinpoint the source.  If our house gets flooded, it may be caused by a river overflowing its banks.  But what of those insidious, unexplained, vexatious circumstances that cannot offhand be explained?  For example, getting stuck sitting next to a chatterbox during a lecture.  Are these Read More »

Spiritual Legacy of Gerald Heard

It seems most appropriate to begin this blog on the 132nd birth anniversary of author/historian/lecturer/philosopher Gerald Heard. Gerald’s contributions to the spiritual legacy of our contemporary Western world are enormous. Following his approx. 1934 conversion to the path of experiential mysticism, Gerald charted a sure and steady course that laid the foundation for others to follow. Beginning with 1937’s The Read More »

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