Three Questions

Is God a Concept? According to Western religions, God is likened to a person who is creator of the universe, and God or God’s henotheistic constituents occasionally interact with humans. According to Eastern religions, God is more akin to a state of being, perhaps best defined as the ultimate reality underlying the universe. But if we were to ask, “Is Read More »

Householders – Fighting From Inside a Fort

In her recent blogpost, our dear friend and spiritual teacher Elizabeth Krajewski published a truly inspirational post, encapsulating the essence of the householder-devotee lifestyle, which is reminiscent of and echoes the Third Order Secular Franciscans. With her kind permission, we are reprinting a section of Elizabeth’s Jan. 24, 2024 post, A Hermit in the World. Please click on that link, Read More »

When Religion Does More Harm Than Good

A new poll reveals that the religious unaffiliated, the “Nones,” now constitute the majority of all such groups in America, topping even established religions. The Jan. 24, 2024, NPR article, “Religious ‘Nones’ are now the largest single group in the U.S.” details this finding. In 2007, the number of “Nones” stood at 16%. The new statistics, from 2023, show this Read More »

Dialogues With the Lord of Time – One Year Anniversary

Well, not quite today. It was on January 30, 2023, when I first published the paperback edition of my spiritual novel Dialogues With the Lord of Time on Amazon. Within the next approx. two weeks, Kindle and hardcover editions followed. Later, I published paperback and hardcover editions via the IngramSpark distribution network, which is outside of the Amazon universe. One Read More »

Christmas Every Day

If you don’t expect any rhymes (the two that occur are by happenstance), or consistent meter and verse structure, or impeccable usage (a couple of lines are slightly off), you’ll be better prepared to find meaning in the verses I strung together below. These verses are composed with the hope that, in today’s beleaguered world, we may look beyond the Read More »

What’s With The Ball?

I have delayed my planned Christmas posting by a few days, as an ongoing matter I’ve long found disturbing really caught my attention last weekend. It deals with The Ball. No, not the Times Square Ball, which descends in New York City every New Year’s Eve to mark the start of the new year. I’m referring to none other than Read More »

Where All Roads Lead to Greater Love

We know all too well from reading the daily headlines that there’s plenty of negative news to go around. There are six or so current wars, there have been around 700 mass shootings in the United States this year alone, and there is an alarming grassroots movement to topple democracy as we know it in this country in favor of Read More »

November Reflections

Each autumn, I reflect, reminiscence, and recall in vivid detail a spiritual experience that occurred some 49 years ago, which changed my life. I recount the main details of this Christ-centered experience in my spiritual novel, Dialogues With the Lord of Time. But no written words can fully do justice to what I underwent in the autumn of 1974, which Read More »

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