Attainment or Unfoldment?

And so, the question is posed: When undertaking our spiritual pursuits, are we attaining something we don’t have, or are we unfolding something we already possess?  Well, that depends … From the perspective of one’s ego, we attain enlightenment, which we now lack, and we strive with all our might when undergoing spiritual practices to realize our goal. We put Read More »

Merging with the Infinite

In Vedanta philosophy, the ultimate reality is often referred to as Satchitananda. This Sanskrit term is wonderfully illustrative, as it describes three inseparable and interrelated attributes of Brahman, or God, in the context of Hinduism: (1) Sat, or the underlying Essence of all things; (2) Chit, or Consciousness; and (3) Ananda, or Bliss. The ultimate reality is the Essence of Read More »

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