Is There Really a Devil, or is it just God in Disguise?

The short answer is both yes and no.  When calamity strikes, oftentimes we can quickly pinpoint the source.  If our house gets flooded, it may be caused by a river overflowing its banks.  But what of those insidious, unexplained, vexatious circumstances that cannot offhand be explained?  For example, getting stuck sitting next to a chatterbox during a lecture.  Are these Read More »

Spiritual Legacy of Gerald Heard

It seems most appropriate to begin this blog on the 132nd birth anniversary of author/historian/lecturer/philosopher Gerald Heard. Gerald’s contributions to the spiritual legacy of our contemporary Western world are enormous. Following his approx. 1934 conversion to the path of experiential mysticism, Gerald charted a sure and steady course that laid the foundation for others to follow. Beginning with 1937’s The Read More »

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