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the website of John Roger Barrie – author, spiritual educator,
and literary executor of philosopher Gerald Heard (1889-1971).
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to assist the dedicated spiritual aspirant.

John Roger Barrie’s spiritual novel Dialogues With the Lord of Time,
is now available!
Independent bookstores include opens in a new and our favorite local bookstore, opens in a new windowThe Book Seller.
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International booksellers include opens in a new windowBlackwell’s (U.K.), and opens in a new windowBooktopia (AUS).
Hardcover edition now available on opens in a new windowAmazon and opens in a new windowBarnes & Noble.
Kindle edition now available on opens in a new windowAmazon.

Note: Our Amazon links are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, the Barrie Family Trust earns a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Principles of Experiential Spirituality

  • There exists an Ultimate Reality – God – both in the universe and transcending it.
  • We have the ability, through dedicated spiritual practice, to experience God, the Ultimate Reality.
  • Following a spiritual path and experiencing God – the Ultimate Reality – is the main purpose of life.

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